About New England Photo
Thomas Benincas, Jr. has been a freelance photographer since 1990 specializing in New England landscapes, particularly Connecticut, Postcards Yale University, Boston, Nantucket, Cape Cod as well as New York City. His work is depicted in a line of New England Postcards Nantucket and greeting cards, as well as numerous coffee table books, New England calendars, and many other publications. He also produces a line of photo products available for purchase through the Contact page: Nantucket and Postcards Connecticut and greeting cards, also photo magnets, photo note pads, and matted photographs. He also does Model Composites and Portfolios, family portraits and can handle many different photo assignments including magazines, maps, and brochures. Tom also works with with many different advertising companies and marketing organizations throughout the New England area.

Philosophy and Publications
Tom's philosophy is to find a beautiful scene, wait for the perfect light, than capture an image for all to enjoy.

Tom's credits include Better Homes & Gardens, Connecticut Magazine, Cape Cod Life, Glamour Magazine, Oyster Point Inn, Deacon Timothy Pratt Bed & Breakfast, Picture Perfect Models, Swimwear Illustrated, Today's Photographer, Where Boston, Where New York, Model Petite, Western Photographer, Yale University Student Systems,New England Living & Travel, Browntrout Publications, Lerner Publications, Impact Graphic, Boston Phoenix, New York Times, Shoreline Times, New Haven Register, Gallery Books, Taylor Publishing, Hallmark Cards, American Express, Shubert Theater, Hagstrom Maps, Arrow Maps, Rand McNally Maps, and many other magazines, coffee table books, and calendars.

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